Here We Go

I remember when I was younger I would hear about TORONTO, as of recently referred to as THE 6.  When I thought about Toronto all I pictured was the CN Tower and how lucky the people who live in walking distance of it are, I wanted a taste of that lifestyle and I told myself that I would get it by any means. Whenever family would visit we would we would drive into Toronto blasting whatever Drake song was most relevant at the TIME – because let’s be real they are A L L relevant, the view from the Gardiner was enough to fuel my hunger for weeks to come.  I think that is how Drake feels when he comes home, like a king.  You feel ridiculously unstoppable like Curry in the 4th.  Fast forward to now…I live in TORONTO, and I let it be known with almost a touch of arrogance.  Where am I from? Oh, I live in Toronto…Downtown though, not Mississauga, Brampton or North York.  I can almost say I’ve made it but I have a long way to go still before I reach my ideal situation, but for now I am right where I need to be.